We need your support! We have teamed up with a wonderful charity called CHIEF a Cystic Fibrosis charity to help raise funds to buy a revolutionary piece of equipment for Hull Royal Infirmary. This equipment will be used to tailor treatment plans for people who suffer with asthma, cystic fibrosis and a whole host of other respiratory diseases, It will help better diagnose not just children but adults. The equipment is very expensive however Breathe for Cameron and CHIEF know that this equipment will change the lives of a lot of people but we need your support.

For the next 70 days we are going to fundraiser tirelessly to raise the money to buy this equipment. We feel extremely passionately about this adventure and we hope you join us on the journey to provide the Resmon PRO to Hull Royal and every single person in Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding who will benefit from the state of the art piece of equipment. Please support us anyway you can.

Please give what you can, This equipment will help support so many people who struggle everyday just to simply breathe.

To learn more about what the Resmon PRO is and how it will help so many people who are suffering right now read our in depth blog by clicking here