Former Hull City legend join’s the ranks

We are extremely excited to announce that former Hull City striker Dean Windass has agreed to be patron for Breathe for Cameron. We have been looking for a local celebrity to become patron for the charity for a number of months now. Mr Windass ticked all the boxes. He is, after all, Hull’s most famous son. Mr Windass has supported the charity in the past. Cameron would be very excited to have a footballing legend playing a role within the charity as he was absolutely football’s number one fan.

Cameron’s mum, Co-Founder and Chairman of Breathe for Cameron add’s “I am extremely honoured that Dean has agreed to become our charity patron. Cameron may have been an avid Manchester United fan but that never stopped him supporting his home team. Cameron was only 3 when Hull City were first promoted and I remember his little face light up when Dean scored the goal that secured them their place in the Premier League, he was so excited and begged me to see the team when they came home for their victory parade. How could I say no!? Dean was all Cameron spoke of for weeks, Cameron lived for football I know he would be smiling away and so very proud to have Dean helping his charity raise awareness of asthma in his memory.

Although Cameron was not a Hull City fan, he knew who the key players were, and always enjoyed watching the wonder goals of Mr Windass. We are very humbled that Mr Windass has accepted our invitation and are extremely grateful for his support. It is hoped that we can use this as a springboard to start helping out football teams and all other sporting teams with their asthma practices, further increasing the safety net for children who suffer with asthma.

Mr Windass said “As a kid, I remember people in my school struggling for breath after football or cross country, and reaching for their inhalers. You had to admire them for it. They still wanted to carry on and take part in sport.” Mr Windass and Hull City Ladies will spearhead a future campaign along with the assistance of many other sporting teams from all disciplines which will eventually provide better asthma protection for those wanting or currently taking part in physical activities.