Tailored Asthma Specific Training Delivered


On the 09th of August 2017 the charities Paediatric Clinical Lead Daryl Perkins delivered our tailored asthma training course to the staff of Gravity Trampoline Park in Kingston upon Hull. The entirety of the staff where present at the training, which covered specific triggers that children would face whilst in the care of the Gravity team. The staff of Gravity where also asked about the signs and symptoms of children who maybe struggling to breathe and how to differentiate between children been generally out of breath due to been active and children who where in fact suffering from an asthmatic episode.


The team was further briefed on dealing with an asthma attack and the importance of calling the emergency services if the asthma attack did not improve or they had any concerns. The staff at Gravity trampoline park based in Kingston upon Hull where very responsive to the training, Many of them also suffered with asthma. This was for the charity a double edged training session due to many of trainee’s on the course who had asthma felt they had learnt more about their own condition.


Mr Salter the charities CEO and Co-Founder said “It was extremely warming to see so many young people taking the time to learn more about asthma” It is hoped that further training courses will be expanded to other play areas, sporting teams and establishments to help them deal with any asthmatic incidents they may face. Gravity trampoline park Hull was left with 2 types of spacer which will enhance the delivery of the blue inhaler should they ever be in the position to need to use it. The charity would like to express our deepest thanks to all members of staff at Gravity for taking the time to learn more about asthma and enhancing their capabilities to deal with any potential asthmatic incidents. We look forward to delivering a refresher course to the team as and when they feel its appropriate.