Thunderstorms due to hit over the weekend


We are asking everyone who suffer’s with asthma and those responsible for children with asthma to be extra vigilant over the weekend. We know that September is particularly bad for asthma related hospital admission which coincides with the start of the new school year, There are a number of possible factors, including the spreading of colds and viruses, the potential stresses that a new school term can bring and children not taking their regular preventer medicine over the summer holidays. With this causing the number of child admissions into hospitals due asthma.



Thunderstorms are set to hit Kingston upon Hull at the weekend – which could lead to flooding thanks to an Icelandic vortex. Saturday looks to be a wash out in our region, with thunderstorms set to arrive causing heavy downpours and the risk of flooding. There will be highs of just 17C. The rain will continue into Sunday with highs of just 16C and the cool, wet weather is set to continue into next week.




Dr Claire Kennedy-Edwards, senior meteorologist of The Weather Channel, said the next low pressure system will spin south from Iceland on Thursday. It will feel like autumn has arrived the end of this week and over the weekend as a series of low pressure systems move in from the Atlantic. These will bring some wet and windy conditions to all areas. Temperatures will be a few degrees below the normal for early September, reaching 16-17C at best in the south over the weekend. Strong westerly winds will also be a feature and will make it feel even colder.



Remember that cold wind when forced into the mouth can cause the lungs to go into spasm potentially causing an asthma attack. When the cold wind picks up please remember to wrap a scarf loosely around your own or your child’s mouth this will slightly warm the air reducing the chances of a reaction! Start getting into the routine of ensuring you take your preventer inhaler (often purple) as directed and always carry your blue inhaler with you no matter where you go.