We are launching our new initiative that will allow you to support school’s in the areas that matter most to you, at the moment the charity only operates in Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We know that sometimes people worry about donating to a charity and the public benefit might not effect the area where they live. We have listened to those concerns and developed a brand new way to manage public donations and sponsorship.


Now you can rest assured that your donation will directly effect the schools you care about most by sponsoring the area you live in. This will help the charity identify how much money each area has. The money will be used for the inhalers for schools scheme and training only ensuring that the schools in your area have the resources and training they need as and when they need them. The sponsorship is £4 per month and will be taken on the last working day of each month.


Getting started is simple, click on the button relevant to the area you would like to sponsor and fill in the information. You will receive monthly e-mails detailing how your donations are been spent and the impact you are making in your area. Remember to share this post and get your friends and family involved the more we can raise through sponsorship the more we can do in the areas you love.

Choose Your Area