Make a Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum Donation to Breathe for Cameron and help save lives today.

Breathe for Cameron is the first children’s asthma charity to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum – forms of digital currency. Your Bitcoin


Our Bitcoin Wallet Address is 1MR762BdukZY6UzxF6f2RqppYwmZanHJhC


Bitcoin Cash Wallet is 1MR762BdukZY6UzxF6f2RqppYwmZanHJhC


Ethereum Wallet is 0x70463fF9097C1D4b9b312721E2ec5E0d5907EfA3


Our Bitcoin address is 1MR762BdukZY6UzxF6f2RqppYwmZanHJhC







Why is Breathe for Cameron accepting digital currencies?

Bitcoin is an innovative new kind of currency and we believe that accepting Bitcoin will result in donations we may not otherwise receive, as well as connecting us with new types of supporters. Also, from our research into future trends, it looks likely that we will receive digital currency as a donation and/or as part of a legacy at some point and we want to be prepared for that eventuality.


Is digital currency legal?

Yes. There is currently no legal restriction for merchants to accept payments in Bitcoins in the UK, Ireland or the EU. HMRC have issued guidance to companies on how to handle, record and tax Bitcoin transactions, and operations which the RNLI will comply with. HMRC Guidance here