The Met Office have issued a warning as the worst weather since 1991 is about to hit Kingston upon Hull. Much of the UK will be affected by the extremely cold temperatures.


A yellow snow warning is currently in place for Kingston upon Hull and the surrounding areas for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a level 3 amber cold weather warning in place for much of England and Wales from now until Thursday. The Met Office have predicted a 99% probability of severe cold weather, icy conditions and heavy snow between 9am Friday and 8am Thursday, March 1st in parts of England.



A spokesman for the Met Office said: “We have got weather warnings out at the moment for snow including in your areas during the early part next week. “There are also cold weather alerts out as well between now and Thursday and that is on a different set of criteria. “So there are two different types of warnings that are in issue at the moment.” from Sunday night onwards there will be a risk of some snow showers starting to develop from the east. It could be quite a severe event at this stage. Obviously it’s difficult to say how bad it is going to get but certainly the potential is there.



It’s important that people who suffer with health conditions such as asthma take these weather events seriously, the cold weather can exasperate asthma sufferers symptoms. Exposure to the extreme cold weather can create serious problems for those that suffer with the condition. Cold air that’s breathed in through the mouth can cause the lungs to go into spasm causing a potentially life threatening asthma attack. Its very important that you ensure you have all the medication you may require during this event and take your preventer inhalers/medication as directed by your GP or Asthma Nurse. Equally important is that you ensure no matter where you go or for how long that you have a reliever inhaler (often blue) with you at all times.



If you do have to go outside or your child wants to play out in the snow please consider wrapping a scarf loosely around the mouth, this will warm the air up slightly before it enters the lungs reducing the chances of the lungs going into spasm. If you know someone who suffers with asthma we encourage you to check with them that they have everything they need and please pass this information on via social media. Its the smallest of things that can make the difference to someone. Please help us prevent people suffering potentially life threatening asthma attacks.


Scarf wrapped loosely around mouth